"Dude... What Tools do you use for This, That, & Whatever...?"
Resources For Funnel Building
Looking to increase the number of leads and sales you get for your business? ClickFunnels is the software that took me from "broke web designer" to "oh-THIS-is-how-to-make-money-online!"
Arguably the most profitable skill in business is copywriting... FunnelScripts helps you write copy that sells AND gives you proven copywriting frameworks to help you become a better copywriter.
CF Pro Tools
If you wanna get "ninja" with your funnels, CF Pro Tools is a product filled with easy add-ons that "power up" your funnels. Promo codes... PayPal integration... stuff that makes ya more $$$.
I got tired of videos popping up over my sales videos, so I switched from YouTube to Wistia. "No ragrets" even if Wistia isn't free... Cleaner interface and higher conversions = more profit!
A little more "techie" than most tools, but can be a helluva drug once you learn how to build smart marketing automations. Zapier helps me "tie systems together" to free up my time & energy.
If you run a Facebook group, this is a NO-brainer. GroupFunnels is the easiest way to grow an email list and makes it super easy to onboard and nurture new leads. This saves me HOURS each week.
For the geeky marketers who like to "read" how their audience is scrolling on (and viewing) a funnel. HotJar helps you make smart conversion decisions before you put money into a "bankrupt" funnel.
Fill Your Funnel
There are some BRILLIANT marketers out there that make a lot of money. Fill Your Funnel helps you compile their ads, copy, and funnels and store them in a rad little dashboard. It's 100% FREE to use!
If you're anything like me, you love seeing a sketch of your funnel before you start building. Funnelytics helps you visually map out your pages, emails, and automations all in one place.
Resources For Creative & Content
Ecamm Live
The #1 question I get... "What do you use to live stream?" Ecamm Live is the most VERSATILE recording tool I use. Live stream AND record video that is clear, clean, & extremely easy-to-use.
Miro Whiteboard
Don't overcomplicate your "teaching"... Miro is a super minimal whiteboard app that allows you to "get your point across" to your audience without hassling with tech. Great for coaches & consultants.
Loom is a screen-recording app I use to quickly & easily share videos with clients. I love to use it... my clients love to watch the videos... it's truly a win-win in a world full of "just decent" softwares.
Adobe Photoshop
For the design savvy, Adobe Photoshop is a "step up" for those who wanna up their branding game. Learn it yourself or pass it off to your designer for ultimate control on your graphics & creatives.
If you want premium icons for "pennies," Flaticon is a free (& paid) marketplace for professionally designed icons. I use this to make my funnel pages a little sexier so I can stand out from the crowd.
Envato Market
Ever wondered where to get graphics, videos, sounds, and every other creative you'll need? That's Evanto Market. A creatives playground for all design templates, tools, & resources.
Managing multiple color schemes is a pain (I use to keep them on a sticky). Coolors helps me keep my branding all in one place so I'm not running around trying to find the right HEX codes.
Paletton is where I'll typically start (before using Coolors) because I can pick a color I like and use this tool to "find it's friends." You'll be able to create a knockout color palette in 2 minutes or less.
Never ever struggle to find high-quality, "not stock" Stock Photography. Pexels is a tool I use damn-near-daily to get the best quality photos fo' free without having to scroll through pages and pages.
Similar to Pexels but with a little more "flare"... Gratisography is a creative,  stock photography website. The pictures are wacky... the results I get from these photos is even wackier... 
Transparent Textures
I use Transparent Textures to add subtle (yet effective) textures to my funnel pages. A great way to stand out in a sea of sales funnels that look like absolute crap. Your audience will thank you.
FreeeUp is a VA staffing platform where I hire my contract workers. The platform has pre-vetted candidates that are truly top-quality workers. I use FreeeUp to hire help for my content production.
Resources For Fulfillment
Google Drive
After being a bit fed up with Dropbox, I made the switch over to Google Drive and haven't been disappointed. This is where I store all of my files and I can easily give access to contractors, clients, & VAs.
It's like a walkie-talkie but for entrepreneurs. I use Voxer to quickly answer questions back-and-forth, brainstorm new offers & ideas, and send motivational "Voxes" to clients.
When you're a bootstrapped entrepreneur, you have to get scrappy. I use ManyChat as an easy-to-install and easier-to-access customer support widget. Instant customer notifications.
Slack has been the easiest way for me to communicate with teammates & clients. I also use it to receive any High-Ticket Applications I get from ClickFunnels so I can follow-up with leads QUICKLY.
LastPass saves me from forgetting my passwords and banging my head on my keyboard. Real talk... if you don't wanna remember all of your login credentials, this free tool will save you.
I never thought I'd live (and die) by my calendar, but it's true. Calendly makes it super easy to schedule meetings, interviews, sales calls, and the likes without having times all over the place.
Resources For Education
Expert Secrets
Expert Secrets is the book that gave me the "ah-ha" I needed in business. It'll teach you the EXACT formula to creating a message and a movement... then it'll teach you how to profit BIG from that.
Ever needed a video (or audio) file transcribed? I use Temi to get 7-figure webinars transcribed so I can study them, reverse-engineer the offer, and model HOW they're turning a profit.
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Resources For Finances
Stripe is my go-to payment gateway because of how easy it is to setup & integrate with ClickFunnels. It allows you to create one-time or subscription products for your business.
PayPal is what I use to get paid out by affiliates and is also my "slush fund" of cash when I purchase new softwares or tools. I'll also use it on my funnel pages as it increases conversions on order forms.
Wave Apps
I'll admit it... Crunching numbers is not my forte. I use Wave Apps to track my finances and then my Wave bookkeeper keeps them tidy each month. This allows me to focus on making more money.
Resources For Performance
Isagenix has single-handedly prevented me from putting weight on as an online entrepreneur. I drink a protein shake each morning, I really enjoy the Isa snacks, and I get my greens in every single day.
In middle school, I use to have an energy drink every morning. Until I realized they were killing me slowly. Pruvit products give me the energy I need to bust passed any mental roadblocks in the day.
"Woo woo" stuff actually does work. I use the Headspace app to guide me through meditation in the mornings so I can start my days off with a clear mind. It's also great for creating "white noise" at night.
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